Menu Plans

I like to write down what we eat for dinner because on the nights and weeks I’m not so inspired, it’s easy to go back to that month in a previous year and see what we did for dinner then. Usually I’ll find something fun we haven’t had for awhile.

January 2011

This month we were focused on eating in and budget dinners.  We have a very aggressive savings goal we’re trying to meet this year (to make up for the costs we spent on an adoption last year) which is made difficult by our baby needing a special, really expensive formula until she’s at least 1.  This month we didn’t do so great with the eating out (I think we went out 4 or 5 times) and our budget meals were boring. I feel badly about that and need to look for more healthy budget friendly dinners that aren’t so lame.  Luckily, beans and cornbread is a dinner that everyone at my house LOVES, especially when we top the beans with sour cream, cheese, avocado, and salsa.  We were super sick for about 10 days near the end of the month, which will explain a lot of lame meals (pot pie, for example).


— – – – – – – – – – – – –

I try to post 1-2 weeks of menus at a time, and then return to edit what we really ate when real life intervenes with what I planned.

I try to post links here from the plan to the recipes, but sometimes I run out of time. If something looks good and there’s no link, put the name of the dish in quotes (“name of dish”) in the search box at the top left of the web page.

October 20 – 31, 2009

Tues 20 blueberry pancakes, hot chocolate
Wed 21 chicken tacos
Thurs 22 baked ziti, frozen veggies,
Fri 23 olive and potato pizza (1.5 out of 5 stars), root beer
Sat 24 baked eggs with 3 cheeses, peach smoothies, Halloween sugar cookies
Sun 25: Fend for yourself (mac and cheeese for kids)
Mon 26: butternut squash soup, french bread
Tues 27: Santa Fe Stew, Magelby’s Rolls
Wed 28: Date night (kids eat at babysitters)
Thurs 29: Italian Crockpot Chicken, Rice, Broccoli
Fri 30: Dinner @ church Halloween party
Sat 31: HALLOWEEN – pizza party

Friday Oct 9 – Mon Oct 19

F 10/9: Bacon, Onion and Mushroom Pizza
S 10/10: Turkey Divan, frozen veggies
S 10/11: Pot roast, honey glazed carrots, crash hot potatoes
M 10/12: Santa Fe Stew, buttermilk biscuits
T 10/13: Buttermilk herb chicken breasts, Lion House Rolls, Grean beans (steamed then tossed with bacon and feta)
W 10/14: Apricot Glazed chicken, Lemon Garlic Broccoli, left over rolls
R 10/15: Tacos/Quesadillas, refried beans

F 10/16 bbq chicken pizza

Sat to Monday SICK

July 30 to August 11, 2009

Thurs 7-30 Blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs
Fri 7-31 marinated pork loin (from Costco), potato bundles
Sat 8-1 Summer Squash Pizza
Sun 8-2 Lunch: Cobb Salad; Dinner: Orange Beef and Broccoli with rice
Mon 8-3 Orange roughy, zucchini fritters, lion house rolls
Tues 8-4 Mac-n-cheese
Wed 8-5 Costco
Thurs 8-6 BBQ chicken salad, cheesy French Bread
Fri 8-7 salmon tacos
Sat 8-8
Sun 8-9
Mon 8-10
Tues 8-11

July 16-28, 2009

We’re back from our 2 week camping trip, and it was awesome.  Getting back into the swing of things and normal routines is hard!  For the next few weeks I need to really work to cut the food budget.  We’ll be having spaghetti once a week, breakfast for dinner once a week, and our normal pizza night once a week.  That leaves 4 nights for fresh dinners or leftovers, and should put a good dent in our food budget while still tasting good.

Thurs 16 Eggs in a Hole, Bacon, Fruit
Fri 17 hamburgers on bbq, beans
Sat 18 bbq chicken pizza, homemade Wendy’s Frosties
Sun 19 german pancakes, fruit (I forgot to defrost the pot roast – whoops)
Mon 20 muffins, eggs (N gone)
Tues 21 spaghetti (N gone)
Wed 22 pepperoni pizza (N gone)
Thurs 23 crockpot Italian Chicken, rice, grilled veggies (Grandma here, N gone)
Fri 24 grill (grandma here)
Sat 25 Cheryl’s house
Sun 26 crock pork roast, crash hot potatoes, fresh veggies/salad
Mon 27 Honey french toast, fruit
Tues 28 Spaghetti, french bread, fresh veggies

June 19-29:  Happy Father’s Day

Friday 6-19: eggs, bacon, pancakes
Saturday 6-20: Date Night Out!
Sunday 6-21: Father’s Day – steak, potatoes and corn on the cob with Marie pie for dessert
Monday 6-22: Salmon & Salad
Tuesday 6-23: Mexican Casserole, Mexican Rice, Refried Beans
Wednesday 6-25: thai peanut chicken, noodle salad
Thursday 6-26: PARADE & RODEO!  Hot dogs, fresh fruits and veggies

**Friday 6-27 to Monday 6-29 Camping**

June 8 – 19, 2009
We’ve got another 4 night stint where Nathan’s gone, which will be blaringly obvious when you see we’re (read: the kids) eating mac-n-cheese and the like for 4 days in a row.
June 8: crockpot ranch pork, mashed potatoes, roasted aparagus (drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with kosher salt, then grill or stick on broil until done)
June 9: fajita supreme pizza, fruit pizza
June 10: spaghetti, french bread, veggies
June 11: caesar salad with grilled chicken, french bread
June 12: Sloppy Joes, Carrots with Ranch, homemade ice cream,
June 13: hot dogs/hamburgers on the grill, homemade fries, fruit salad
June 14: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, orange apricot jello salad
June 15: spaghetti,french bread, green beans
June 16: Mac-n-cheese, veggies
June 17: waffle night
June 18: frozen dinners all around

May 31 – June 7, 2009
Nathan will be gone for 4 dinners this week.  I rarely cook actual meals when he’s gone; just too much work for just me when the kids don’t eat well.  I always let the kids pick one “Kid Cuisine” frozen dinner each while he’s gone, and I usually eat Lean Cuisine frozen dinners, or frozen leftovers, and fix them kid-food.  It feels like a cop-out, but it helps make life easier for now.

Sun May 31 Crab Tacos, Mexican Rice, Easy Key Lime Pie
Mon June 1 Stanford’s Chicken, buttermilk refrigerator rolls, green salad (fresh from the garden!)
Tues June 2 mac & cheese, frozen veggies
Wed June 3 spaghetti, corn on the cob
Thurs June 4 frozen dinners all around
Fri June 5 seven layer dip with chips
Sat June 6 Mexican restaurant in Heber (yummy food, super slow service)

Sun June 7 pancake night

May 18 – 30, 2009

M 18 – bbq chicken pizza, tomato garbanzo salad
T 19 – grilled asian kabobs, bread sticks, strawberry spinach salad
W 20 – pizza ordered in after a looonnng day
T 21 – turkey (I buy extras every Thanksgiving and freeze), potatoes and gravey, rolls, green salad
F 22 – grilled burgers and hot dogs
S 23 – turkey, bacon, avocado paninis
S 24 – away in Heber
M 25 – Memorial Day! grill bacon wrapped filets (from Costco freezer section), potato salad with artichokes and asparagus, rolls
T 26 – Melanie’s bbq chicken salad, cheesy french bread
W 27 – Mexican Noodle Casserole, refried beans
T 28 – spaghetti and meatballs, french bread, frozen veggies
F 29 – out
S 30 – fend for yourself night


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