green cilantro rice

I looked up a few recipes and took the ingredients from 3 to get what we had last night.  By the time I was done blending everything to stir into the rice, I tasted it and was a bit worried; but once it was stirred into the rice it was really good.  This isn’t an exact recipe, and you really can’t ruin it.  It was SO good.  My 2 year old, who eats dinner about once a week, devoured hers, and everyone went back for seconds.

I cooked just over 1 cup of dry rice in chicken broth with a bit of salt and about half of a (small) finely chopped onion thrown into the dry rice and broth mix.

While that was doing its thing I blended over a cup of cilantro, about 2 t of minced garlic, 2 green onions (green and white) chopped, a bit of lemon juice (2 teaspoons-ish), and some olive oil – maybe 2 T.  I had to add a small bit of water just to make everything blend together really well.

When the rice is done, stir the green mixture into the rice and serve hot.  Delish.

Next time I think I’ll add a seeded, chopped jalapeno to the green mixture.


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