Paula Deen inspired Snow Ice Cream

That photo is from right when we woke up this morning. Three hours later, there is a lot more.  So we made snow ice cream. For breakfast. (hey, everyone is home sick, and I’m working off only several hours sleep)

Paula Deen’s recipe called for one can of sweetened condensed milk, a bit of vanilla and 8 cups of snow. Instructions said to mix everything together and dish out all 8-10 servings at once.  We didn’t need 8-10 servings, so we halved the recipe.

It made snow ice cream milkshakes.  And each of my 3 kids got maybe 1/2 cup with half the recipe.  So next time I’d do 8 cups of snow and still start with 1/2 a can of sweetened condensed milk and vanilla, adding more if you had to.

The kids still loved it, so success.


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