Two Notes

1 – I know I’m not the only person sad that Cafe Johnsonia is closing up shop.  She is leaving her blog up for one week only so we can all copy those recipes you might have bookmarked.  Recipe index here. Hint: her ice cream recipes are incredible.

2 – Kraft Food and Family Magazine is no Gourmet, and not even on par with Taste of Home, but I’ve still found a few good ideas in there.  The best thing about the magazine has been that it is FREE  (because it’s all advertising).  I was surprised to get a note on my last issue I received a few days ago that this is my last “free” issue, and I can keep receiving it for something like $7 or $8 a year.  Not going to happen.  Do they think we’re going to pay real money for a “magazine” that is all advertising and includes recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches (and not the fancy variety – we’re talking white bread with American “cheese” here, friends).   Curious what you all think about this.  Silly, if you ask me.


4 thoughts on “Two Notes

  1. Valerie

    I would definitely not pay for the Kraft magazine, even if there were fewer ads, just like you. I rarely found anything I felt was worth trying. Mostly it was like the grilled cheese or other dishes that you could think of throwing together all on your own. :) I don’t think they’ll make enough money to keep it going.

  2. Melanee

    Yeah, that’s really dumb. Does that mean they won’t be posting the magazine contents online or e-mailing me recipes anymore? Definitely not willing to pay for that.

  3. Elaine

    I have a lot of friends complaining about the same thing. One friend said the magazine had a menu plan for 5 nights of dinners, well one of the “dinners” one night was for a DiGiorno frozen pizza. I hardly think that’s a “recipe”. I really don’t think many people are going to subscribe.

  4. Britany

    I am seriously about to roll on the floor laughing because I had the exact same thoughts when I received my latest issue of Kraft magazine. No way am I going to pay when I can steal great recipes from blogs like yours for free! :)

    I know this post was a long time ago… but I think I am about 2 months behind on my life right now :).


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