Yummy Links from other blogs, week of June 20

Pizza Hut Pan Pizza from your home based mom via Real Mom Kitchen: we’re going to be making these for our pizza night tonight.

Dark Chocolate Cookies from Living Locurto: my mouth is watering

Vanilla Roasted Peaches with Raspberries from goodLifeEats: this just looks like summer.  healthy summer.

Lime Sherbet from Rookie Cookie: I think I’ll try this next week when we’re going to get hot and summery (finally).  YUM.

Heath Bar Cake from Design Mom: I’ve had this before at a potluck and forgot all about this recipe.  Trust me: SO GOOD.

Bananarita Smoothie from Mommy’s Kitchen: I’m not quite sure, but we’re giving it a try today and I’ll let you know what we think

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes from Manic Mother: she posted it last year, but I just discovered it and they look SO good.  I have been thinking about developing a “grasshopper” cupcake, and if this tastes as good as it looks, she’ll have done the work for me!

Easy Cream Cheese Danish from Valerie’s Attempt at Pondering (scroll to the very end of the post): she did another version recently with jam on top of the cream cheese, and I’m making these for Nathan’s Father’s Day breakfast.  Woo-HOO.

Lemon Pudding Cake from My Kitchen Cafe: I. Love. Citrus.

Honey Peach Ice Cream from Brown Interior: The Tuesday with Dorie group must have been in heaven this week.

What is it with all the food blogs I subscribe to posting sweet sweets and more sweets this week?!?  (yum)


3 thoughts on “Yummy Links from other blogs, week of June 20

  1. Julie Post author

    Ha ha! Have something come across my feed reader that looks REALLY yummy. I’m tired of bookmarking stuff – my bookmark for “recipes” is getting way too long!


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