Yummy Links from other blogs – Week of June 1

Chocolate Mousse Cake from Real Mom Kitchen: I’ve got to find something to make this for.  Yum.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread from Recipes Chez Moi: we’ve been making about a loaf of banana bread a week lately, and this is going to be a fun variation to try next time.

Cookie Dough Pie from Big Red Kitchen: a package of Chips Ahoy, 8-12 oz of cool whip and 2 cups of milk.  That is all.  Come to mama.

3 Envelope Roast from Real Mom Kitchen: my kind of Sunday dinner

Creamy Peach Tart from Cafe Johnsonia: I want to makek this for dessert tomorrow, but I’m afraid all those leftovers will be Monday’s breakfast (for me alone)


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