lemon cream stuffed french toast with berries

Happy New Year!   I ordered this at the breakfast Nathan and I had on our 24 hour get away just before Christmas.  It was so good, and I was anxious to recreate the recipe at home.  I didn’t measure, so the directions are just general, and it’s ok!

For the bread, you can either make the easy brioche the night before (really easy, I promise!), or get a loaf of french bread.  It’s worth it to make the brioche.  Cut the slices thin-ish.  Soak one side of each slice of bread in an egg mix.  In a bowl, whip together cream cheese and lemon curd.  I like it quite lemony, but you can use less or more curd.  Place the egg side down on a griddle, and generously coat the dry side with the lemon cream mix.  Top with another piece of bread, egg side up.  *Important* cook on low for a longer time so the cream doesn’t melt too fast and ooze.  Cooking it slow will make it warm and creamy instead of oozy.  While the toasts are cooking, defrost some frozen berries (we used a combination of marionberries and raspberries), add a bit of sugar, and blend until smooth.  This is for the topping.  You may want to add a bit of water or juice to thin the berries.



4 thoughts on “lemon cream stuffed french toast with berries

  1. Melanie

    Dude, tell me this is the picture that you took of your breakfast on your romantic get away, not the one that you made yourself! Otherwise you are in HUGE trouble for not inviting me over for some! Yum! How did your’s turn out?

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  3. bek

    Oh julie… that looks so good. I need to make this. I have made my own lemon curd in the past (it is super easy and I had a lot of lemons) but I would love to know where you bought yours…

    I need to start adding some stuff here, it has been piling up…


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