Favorite Green Beans

So easy, so good. We’ve recently discovered the big bag of frozen green beans at Costco, as well as the crumbled bacon that’s SO good. It took me awhile to find the bacon; here’s a picture:

You can find the 20 oz bag with the other spices, seasonings and salad dressings. These are so good!

Cook or steam the beans, throw in a handful of the bacon and a handful of crumbled feta. SO GOOD, fast and easy but fancy.

Variation: Bacon with halved cherry tomatoes.

Variation: Bacon, feta and tomatoes.


One thought on “Favorite Green Beans

  1. bek

    I use this stuff ALL THE TIME. In quiche, soup, salad, baked beans, etc. I love it!!! It is so cheap and lasts forever in the fridge. I also like that for WW I can put a tablespoon of bacon on cheese toast and get the taste of it, but w/out ruining my points and having it be so easy……


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