Easy Appetizer Cheesy Toasts

This is another one of my funny catering recipes.  This is the perfect party appetizer because it is cheap, fast and easy.   Really easy.  I always get requests for the recipe and when I give it to people, they can’t believe it is the same thing. Lets just say that if you saw the recipe FIRST you wouldn’t try these but once you have had them you are converted. Since you are seeing the recipe here first, well just trust me. Serve these at the next book club or baby shower and you will see people waiting at the oven for you to bring out the next batch.

mayo (not low fat)

Grated Parmesan (the cheap stuff in the green can). 

Grated onion

Salt, pepper, garlic powder

Toasts (I used the pre cut and pre toasted ones that I can buy next to the specialty cheeses in Safeway. You can cut your own baguette too).

Mix equal parts cheese and mayo until blended. It should be kind of thick.  Grate the onion and add to the mixture.  This is the kind of recipe that you can do “to taste”. I usually do 1/2 cup of Mayo and 1/2 cup of cheese with 4 or 5 Tablespoons of onion..but it really doesn’t matter.  It is important that the onion be grated because it needs to cook. Spread a spoonful of the mixture on the bread and cover well. Place toasts in the oven and broil for 3 or 4 minutes or until it starts to brown and bubble.  The onion will be cooked by then. 


4 thoughts on “Easy Appetizer Cheesy Toasts

  1. Julie

    This is one of my all-time faves, probably because of the memories it comes with. My dad would make this a bunch on Sunday afternoons after church. SO good.

  2. aframeglamour

    I tried this the other night with a big salad and they were really good! I slathered on the cheese sauce though…do you skim it on? I also reheated them the next day as a side to buffalo chicken chilli. Also really good. I followed your lead and just started a cooking blog as well, it’s http://www.breakanegg.wordpress.com.

    (who used to comment a lot on your family blog which I found because we’re adopting from Ethiopia)

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