Thanks for the intro Julie.  I have loved every recipe that Julie has posted so far so I am really excited that she is letting me join in the fun. I am also really excited to have my favorite recipies all in the same place. 

I love to cook. It is something that I discovered after I was married…along with the fact that salad was more then iceberg and ranch, veggies taste good and that I actually DID like onions and tomatoes.  I have tried every style of cooking and pretty much enjoy the process.  Some people garden, others exercise when they need to relax, I cook.  I have a few cooking rules. The first one is that it has to be easy. I realize that my idea of easy might be different then other people’s but on the whole I like  things that give me lots of results for minimal time and money. I also cater, so the second rule is that I like recipes that are cost effective.  Last, I believe in using real, fresh ingredients. I cook with butter and cream (but always offer the low fat/no fat solution). It just makes things taste better and it look better.  I was also raised in the south where cooking without cream and butter is worse then skipping church.   :-)  We are a health conscious family but we like to indulge now and then.  Mostly I stick to a core group of recipes and occasionally I branch out.   I am half old school cooking (yummy things like Tater Tot casserole and other grandma food) and half “try new things”.  

Summer recipies coming right up–before we loose the nice weather!! 


One thought on “Hi

  1. Julie

    I didn’t know you catered. I’ve decided that instead of being a chef one day, I might just cater. Fun. Can’t wait for the recipes. And feel free to make this place a little prettier – in all your spare time!


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