chicken tacos/chicken taco salad

One of my favorite lazy/yummy foods is shredded chicken taco meat.  Yesterday morning I threw five chicken breasts (we only use boneless skinless) into a crockpot with about 3 cups of water, and a good dose of chicken buillion and taco seasoning.  After it’s cooked, the chicken meat shreds really easily.  Nathan ate the meat as a taco, I threw the meat in a big bowl with lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, avocado, corn and black beans.  Dressing was a bunch of salsa with a little ranch mixed in.  Yum.  I made enough for leftovers in the fridge and enough to freeze for later in May.


2 thoughts on “chicken tacos/chicken taco salad

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  2. shanelle

    Made this tonight… DELICIOUS! We don’t have enough to freeze though, it was that good! I wsa told about slow cooking a chuck or something similar after marinating it in beer and dry onion soup mix over night. Something about the enzymes in the beer breaking down the steak so it’s super tender. I’ll let you know… :)


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